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Top 5 Takeaways from NSC Expo 2015

Earlier this week, we headed down to Atlanta to participate in the yearly National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo. Not only did we have a fantastic time chatting about the wide range of PPE that we offer and encouraging attendees to play Plinko with us, we also enjoyed listening to the insightful talks given by the group of safety experts that NSC hand-picked for the occasion. As we get ready to pack up our show booth we thought we’d share the useful tidbits that we learned along the way:

1. We’re stupid.
Sound surprising? Not if you think about it this way: “What we do is measure safety success by counting the number of people we hurt. That’s stupid.” – Todd Conklin, Human and Organizational Performance Expert and Advisor for Los Alamos National Labs. Doesn’t Todd make a good point? We need to take the time to assess, plan and prevent. Let’s stop injuries before they start.

2. ASTM cut levels are changing.
Well, most likely. Jill Conley from DuPont™ Kevlar® hosted a lively discussion about the upcoming standards revision, which is likely to get passed in the new year. (Stay tuned for another joint Superior Glove and DuPont™ webinar that will explain it, and answer all of your questions!).

3. Some people are checking out.
Worker’s Comp Opt-Out options are rising in popularity as more and more states are considering giving their employees the choice of opting out of workers’ compensation plans. Why? Bill Minick, president of PartnerSource in Dallas, says “employers that pursue options to workers’ compensation are more focused on providing a safe work environment, more actively communicating pre- and post-injury with their injured workers, and recognize that if we keep the injured worker first, and think simply and logically on how to achieve the best medical outcome, everybody wins.” We prefer winning over losing too.

4. You need Culture Club in your life.
Creating a culture where “you’d be proud to have your family members take part” is extremely important for both the growth of your company, and the wellbeing of both you and your employees. During the opening keynote address, former Navy Commander Michael Abrashoff spoke about his experiences aboard the USS Benfold – being the leader of a crew that when he first started, lacked pride in both themselves, and their environment. Asking his crew directly for advice on ways they could improve the ship provided him with great insight. Valuing his crew’s suggestions and working together with them to create a community within their workplace resulted in a complete turnaround: the ship had transformed from an unsafe workplace to a place of community populated by confident, combat-ready crew members. “We’re all captains of our own ships. We’re all leaders,” Abrashoff reminded his audience. “Do you want to leave want tears when you go or cheers?”

5. We all like stuff. And we need stuff to put our stuff in. And stuff.
What we’re trying to say is Superior Glove backpacks were a smash hit at NSC 2015!
Giving out over 500 Superior Glove backpacks at NSC and seeing them all around the booths, hallways, hotels and city streets gave us so much joy! We jumped. We actually jumped for joy.


As always, we had a wonderful time at NSC. We always look forward to the event, and can’t wait ’till it rolls around next year! See you in Anaheim!

Did you attend the show? Let us know what YOUR favorite moments were in the comments below!

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