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Top Five Takeaways From ASSE Safety 2017

This week we participated in ASSE Safety 2017 conference and expo. Superior Glove had a great time in Denver, CO and it’s a great city. If you participated in our Scavenger Hunt,  you already know how busy we were.

ASSE Safety 2017 Conference and Expo


If you happened to miss this year’s ASSE Safety 2017, don’t worry here are our top five takeaways from the expo:


1. Smartphone Safety 

Most of the time you don’t think about what you’re doing on your phone. That can be dangerous, not only to your device but the other networks that you connect. 69% companies say that a lost or stolen device is their biggest threat. 74% people have said that the organizations that they work for have faced some data breach as a result of mobile security. Of that, 44% have experienced mobile malware infections.

The majority of issues that stem from breaches are caused by three things: mobile apps containing malware, apps that contain security vulnerabilities and an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. There are steps that you can take to prevent a malware attack or a breach of security from happening on your phone. Things like keeping your phone up to date with the current software, and paying attention to what you’re downloading. When in doubt, if it looks suspicious, it’s probably malicious.

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2. Why We Make Mistakes

Joseph Hallinan talked about all the reasons why as humans we are inherently forgetful. His talk at ASSE opened our eyes to those tiny mistakes that we do make. In one of his chapters of the book and during his talk, he mentions that we look but we don’t always see. He also talks about how we all think that we’re above average. Meaning that we’re too confident therefore we make more mistakes. People believe that they act more nobly than they are. It forces you to stop and think about your behavior and choices.


3. Saving a Life with One Small Device

According to OSHA, failure to control hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10% of serious injuries in the workplace, this explains why it is still in the top 10 OSHA citations.  The Lockout-Tagout citation has been reworked to protect workers better. The new update now includes the essential role that risk assessment plays in procedures.

Tod Grover who talked about the new ANSI standard went on to describe, “If you have to walk more than 15 seconds to get the lockout equipment you need, chances are you are going to think twice about using it to protect yourself.” The revision of the standard is about being more proactive in the protection of workers and changing with the current electronic times. Ensure that you are properly safeguarding your machines and locking them out when there is a major hazard.


4. Mel Robbins and the Five Second Rule

Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker from Boston, MA. She talked to ASSE participants about the “Five Second Rule.” Not that one that you’re used to when you drop your food on the floor. (We all do it.) This rule pertains to the five seconds in which your brain does not tell you that what you’re doing is silly, stupid or that you’re used to it so go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re wondering why does this matter to me, a safety professional? If you’re working in a routine and constantly doing the same thing day in and day out, your brain doesn’t question what you’re doing.

It’s normal, but when this becomes an issue is if you see something that looks a little iffy, your brain is stuck in that routine and continues like there are no issues at hand. Take the time to question something if it doesn’t seem right. That five-second thought could be the thing that keeps you from a dangerous problem. When you do take that time, things will go much smoother.


5. Superior Glove’s New Booth 

Visitor’s to our booth learned that hand safety is paramount. They discovered that 70.9% of workers who suffered a hand injury on the job weren’t wearing gloves. They also learned that companies alone spend over $20,000 a year on hand injury costs. We handed out over 1000 swag bags with our famous Canadian made S15NT’s. These gloves provide abrasion and puncture resistance. They’re 100% biodegradable, thanks to our special nitrile coating.

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We had a blast in Denver, and an even better time at ASSE. We look forward to seeing you next year in San Antonio, Texas.

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