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What are High Visibility Work Gloves?

If you’ve been keeping up with recent safety apparel and PPE trends, you’ve probably noticed the recent insurgence of high-visibility personal protective equipment on the market. While neon safety vests have been a trend across various industries for awhile now, it’s no surprise that, because of the many benefits they offer, high-visibility work gloves and sleeves are also starting to become more and more commonplace in the workplace. And, we have to say, we’re thrilled about it!

What are High Visibility Work Gloves?

What are High Visibility Work Gloves?
Still feeling a little in the dark? (Pun intended.) Well, it might seem a little obvious, but the main advantage to wearing high-visibility work gloves is that, well, they improve worker visibility on the job. This is beneficial for two major reasons:
    1. Since hi-viz PPE makes it easier for workers to see their own hands as well as the hands of their coworkers, in turn, this helps limit the number of accidents and near misses in the workplace.


    2. Secondly, Safety Managers are typically big fans of implementing high-viz work gloves and sleeves in their workplace because it makes checking to see if everyone is actually wearing their assigned gloves and sleeves while they’re on the job. Why? That’s because all the Safety Manager has to do to is have a quick glance around the plant to spot them.


What are High Visibility Colors?

Most of the time, hi-viz PPE styles feature fluorescent colours like yellow, green, or even orange. Note: The umbrella of high visibility work gloves and sleeves include both products that are 100% hi-viz (from the fingertips to the wrists), as well as ones without a hi-viz shell but that are crafted with a high-visibility element — such as reflective striping or neon anti-impact TPR backing.

While visibility is sometimes overlooked during PPE selection, in reality, this is a very important factor to consider — and it makes sense when you stop and think about it. The more visible workers are in the workplace, the better, since it directly correlates with the number of accidents that will occur while they’re on the job.

If you like the sound of that, you’ll also be happy to learn that, thanks to technological advancements in the glove world in recent years, glove manufacturers are now able to make gloves that will not only improve worker visibility, but also provide a number of other advantages in the workplace at the same time. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of hi-viz work gloves and sleeves on the market — ones that not only feature neon colours, but that also provide impressive cut, impact, vibration, and even puncture protection, depending on the style.

Because of this, these days, introducing hi-viz PPE styles into your workplace is easier than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? See the difference that wearing high visibility work gloves will make by trying them out for your self: request a free sample pair of one of our popular hi-viz styles now. (Still not convinced? The style pictured below were recently chosen as one of this year’s Attendees’ Choice Winners at ASSE 2016!)™-Grip-Micropore-Nitrile-IMG


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