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Warm Work Gloves for All! 5 Ways to Fortify Your Hand Protection

Like any warrior charging into battle, when you venture out to work in extreme temperatures, you should make sure that you’re wearing the proper armor: shield yourself from even the vilest elements of winter by treating your hands to the warmest protective equipment on the market! However, choosing the best pair of warm work gloves for your needs isn’t as easy as selecting the thickest pair you can find – the last thing you want is to choose gloves that are so thick that they interfere with your dexterity, and inhibit you on the battlefield.

In order to protect yourself from fierce enemies like frostbite and hypothermia, there are a number of different factors you should consider to ensure your hands are feel as balmy as possible – even in the dead of winter. Here are the top five:

1. Shield Yourself With Multiple Layers

Well-designed cold weather work gloves have three key components: an outer layer, a middle layer, and the material that will come into direct contact with your hands. When selecting gloves that are suitable for extreme temperatures, make sure the outer layer of the gloves is abrasion resistant, will repel wind and water, and will protect your hands from cuts if that is a hazard you face. When all three of these layers are properly engineered, your gloves will not only be warm, they’ll also provide you with superhero-like hand protection, and a ninja-like grip.

2. Insulation is the Best Sidekick!

To combat against heat loss, insulation is always your best choice as a sidekick, since it controls forces like conduction and convection. Respiration and perspiration also contribute to heat loss, however, insulation fights off the flow of thermal energy. This means that the most effective gloves have quality insulation in their middle layer, so that it can trap air and keep your hands warm. Air also stops conductive heat loss, which is one of the reasons why Thinsulate™ should be your go-to choice as an insulator – especially in your gloves! Thinsulate™ works so well that it traps between 97% and 99% of the air that’s trying to escape. Because of this, make sure the gloves you choose are not only insulated on the front and back, but on the sides as well, because otherwise, they’ll let a lot of the warm air out. Finally, you’ll want the inner layer to be soft and to work to wick away moisture, so that your hands will stay warm but won’t become sweaty. With insulation on your side, there’s no way you won’t win the battle against the cold!


3. Choose the Right Weapons to Protect Yourself Against the Cold

If you were off to fight the most frightening dragon in all the land, you’d want to make sure you brought the sharpest sword with you; bringing a flimsy one that breaks easily wouldn’t help you win the fight. In a similar way, it’s very important to consider which tasks you’ll be tackling while you’re wearing your winter work gloves. Will your hands get soaked? Then you’ll want gloves that are fully coated so that your hands will stay toasty. However, if know your digits won’t be exposed to a lot of moisture, then a palm-coated pair should do the trick!

4. Ensure Your Armor Fits You Perfectly

When searching for the warmest pair of winter work gloves, the fit can be huge, make-or-break factor. If a glove is too tight, it’ll reduce your circulation, and make your hands even colder. If they’re too tight, they’ll be uncomfortable. Not only will this mean that you won’t want to wear them, but they’ll also interfere with your job performance.
Gloves that are too thick or have too many layers can also affect your dexterity and restrict movement, which would completely defeat their purpose. In the end, your gloves should be in the happy medium category, balancing between thickness and flexibility. Make sure you are wearing the right size!

5. A Properly Sealed Cuff Makes the Cold (Much) Less Rough!

For added protection against strong winds, make sure you have a cuff that fits over your jacket. A proper-fitting cuff will shield you from the cold trying to make its way into your glove, and keep your hands warm and protected!

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If you want to feel like Homer while working outside in the cold, there are several factors you should consider when selecting your winter work gloves. Finding a glove with the right combination of insulating materials and long-lasting protection is crucial. Make sure you consider the above tips when purchasing your winter work gloves this winter season if you want gloves that will not only help you keep your hands warm while you work, but aid you in the fight against even the fiercest of winter demons!

Want to try these out for yourself? Here is an assortment of our most popular winter gloves!

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