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Lion Vs. Lamb: Which Gloves are Best for March Weather?

They say that March weather comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In between, you might deal with snow, rain, heat, sleet, and wind — sometimes all in one day! So how can you pick a work glove that’ll provide you with the protection and comfort you want when even the TV meteorologist can’t say for sure what the work day will bring?

What you need is options. And options are what Superior Glove has to offer. PPE requirements for the job don’t usually change. But when the weather does, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Season change from winter to spring


Breathable Gloves Keep You Warm Without Overheating:

Everyone has experienced it. You start off the work day wearing a nice pair of warm gloves. And then before noon, the combination of sunshine plus exertion heats things up, including your hands. Breathable gloves keep you dry, which means you stay more comfortable.

Dry hands are happy hands, and that’s what our Clutch Gear® line brings. You get Thinsulate™ to stay warm and Enprotex® for breathability plus wind-resistance in a water-repelling glove with good grip that works for a wide range of conditions.

Clutch Gear® Winter Lined Mechanics Gloves
Clutch Gear® Winter Lined Mechanics Gloves


High-Tech Lightweight Gloves Feel Like Bare Hands:

In the dead of winter, you probably want the heaviest gloves you can find. At least, that is, if you work outdoors. But once March arrives, the loss of dexterity from a thicker and heavier glove can be exchanged for something warm and comfortable that doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing mittens.

Our TenActiv™ line has something for everyone. It’s the whole package. You get superior cut protection, great flexibility, excellent grip (even in March’s rainy conditions!), all with a bare-hand feel. These gloves are touted as perfect for jobs where dexterity is critical, as well as for less precision jobs where you just want to shed that winter coat and still stay warm.

A Liner Give You More Seasonal Flexibility:

If you’re ready to switch to a warmer weather glove but the season isn’t cooperating yet, a glove liner makes a great bridge. Add our Arctic Knit glove liner as a layer under a pair of gloves that isn’t quite warm enough, and you’ll get the right kind of performance boost to make it through this ever-changing season.

This liner is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and it feels great against your hands. Instead of hot and cold fluctuations, you stay evenly warm. And, even if it heats up throughout the day, you won’t feel sweaty, either. Imagine: all of that in a liner that doesn’t add a lot of bulk.

Arctic Knit ComFortrel® Glove Liner
Clutch Gear® Winter Lined Mechanics Gloves

March weather might be unpredictable, but there’s one thing that you can sort out in advance. Instead of wearing the wrong gloves for the season or pulling them off partway through the day — which is something that ISHN warns against — try something that’ll work better so that you can, too.

All-season gloves are designed to keep you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s not, and block out harsh winds and wet conditions no matter what’s happening on the meteorological map.

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