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Two Reasons Why You Need Multi Purpose Gloves

Rarely does a worker need a glove to protect them from one thing. Generally it’s protection from both the job and the environment around them. If you do the quick math, that’s two things you need a glove to protect you from. Since the weather changes frequently. The need for a versatile pair of work gloves is pretty apparent. What’s not clear is how to get everything you need in one glove.

One alternative is swapping out gloves as needed is a suggestion, it’s not an efficient way to run an operation. Lost time plus the cost of additional gloves adds up quickly way to address a complicated problem.

A simpler way is to do a little homework. Find the glove that offers the best combination of features for your work.

Two great reasons why it’s beneficial to choose a glove that’ll offer you many different perks:

1. Winter Weather Creates Both Hot and Cold Hands

In the winter, workers can experience hot and cold hands throughout the day. Further, a job that’s usually dry needs water protection if rain or snow is in the forecast. One of the primary requirements of any good work gloves, is the ability to manage moisture. Not only do you want to prevent water seeping from in, but it’s also crucial to choose gloves that will keep your hands dry even when they’re sweating.

Exterior water resistance or waterproof materials are critical for many outdoor jobs since they help block out wind, rain, and snow.This can also cause another problem, which is trapping sweat inside. We have some solutions to this problem.

One solution is the ever-popular Dexterity® Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm

Dexterity Winter Glove
The glove is lightweight, even though it’s a winter glove, and has a PVC coating on the palm. Meaning that won’t get inside easily. The fabric dries fast, and it has a fleece lining to help manage moisture inside.

What about when the weather is especially brutal? That’s where the Endura® Fully Thinsulate™-Lined Split-Fitter Glove comes in.
We’ve combined a polyurethane lining, which keeps the water out, with a Thinsulate® lining for exceptional warmth. But where other fully waterproof gloves could pose a sweaty hands problem, these gloves are also breathable across the elasticized cotton back.

2. Job Requirements May Vary Throughout the Day

In the course of a day, you probably require a lot from your hands. Your gloves need to keep up instead of you changing into new ones or taking them off altogether.

PPE that covers a lot of ground lets you keep working instead of slowing you down is great. For example, any glove with touch screen capability lets you perform more manual aspects of the job and switch to a touch screen device with the sensitivity that’s required.

You might not expect that level of versatility from a protective work glove, but we have one that does. The TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber with Foam Nitrile Palms the ASTM ANSI cut resistance and puncture resistance  is a Level 4.

Customers love about this glove. We’ve received a number of great testimonials about it, such as, “It is so nice to have a glove you don’t have to remove to do different types of work.”

Changing gloves throughout the day isn’t just annoying: it’s also an inefficient way to do your work. A better way is to choose gloves is to find ones that both protect and enable your hands to meet the wide range of demands on the job. That might be a tall order to fill, but you’ll be happy to know that it is possible.

You don’t have to choose one type of protection over another. You only have to decide on the right combination.

Wondering if there’s a better work glove out there for your application? We do free Glove Audits!

Request one today! We are more than happy to help you in picking the right glove for your daily tasks. You might discover a glove that offers the exact features you need.


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