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Winners for the 5th Annual Handademy Awards

5th Annual Handies Awards

Award Winners’ Celebration Clouded by Drama and Controversy


All the buzz surrounding this year’s Superior Glove Handademy Awards is the coveted “Favorite Glove” snub delivered to best-selling style: S13SXPUQ – SuperiorTouch 13-gauge Knit made with Dyneema PU Palms.

SuperiorTouch 13-gauge Knit made with Dyneema PU Palms

Reps for S13SXPUQ are playing down the Handies controversy generated when S13SXPUQ was sensationally left out of the nominations. Speaking backstage after the nomination party last month, S13SXPUQ appeared visibly upset, awkwardly picking at the polyurethane coating on the inside of both palms.

Meanwhile, reps at the Superior Glove Handademy Award Headquarters issued the following statement:

“It is with excitement and pride that we present you with this year’s Handademy Award Winners. Being part of this exclusive group means not only industry recognition, but also an esteemed place on the Winners shelf lining the halls of our executive offices. In response to the media frenzy surrounding styles not nominated this year, we would like to say that we respect all of our gloves equally and we encourage all of our products to make glove, not war.”

Though S13SXPUQ appeared affected by the blow, he made light of the controversy, addressing reporters’ questions by saying simply, “Look, I’m a cut-resistant glove. I don’t let this kind of stuff get to me.” Meanwhile, an insider reports hearing another nominee snidely whispering that S13SXPUQ is only an ASTM cut-level 2.

Why all the drama? Although the Handademy Awards seem like a jovial and celebratory process, being awarded a Handy is a sign of industry appreciation. A nomination is indeed an honor and a snub is still something to get worked up over. Category winner (and newcomer) for this year’s “Favorite Glove” SKC/A2NTS could not be reached for comment, as they are flying off the shelf.

Take a look below to hear more about this year’s winners.


Winner, Product Manager Favorite
378GOBKL – Endura Kevlar-Lined WaterStop/Oilbloc Goat-Grain Drivers Glove

Endura Kevlar-Lined WaterStop/Oilbloc Goat-Grain Drivers Glove

They feel great, they look great and they work great. Always a favorite on the maroon carpet, this year 378GOBKL took home the Handy for Product Manager Favorite. These supple goat-grain drivers gloves are processed with Superior’s own Oilbloc treatment for exceptional water and oil repellency. Kevlar®-lined for ASTM level-2 protection, these gloves also offer a level-2 arc flash hazard risk category rating. Tough, abrasion-resistant and comfortable, these winners even come in an optional Thinsulate™-lined winter version.


Winner, Best Value for Price
S13KFGFNT – Dexterity Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

Dexterity Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

There was no question this Dexterity® palm-coated string-knit glove was going to go home a winner — the predicted favorite for this category, S13KFGFNT even delivered what could only be considered a very well-rehearsed acceptance speech. Giving thanks to the Handademy and the many industries that helped S13KFGFNT achieve this level of popularity (Automotive, Small Parts Handling, Assembly, Glass Handling, Sheet Metal Work and more…), the speech was eventually cut off. Still, the value that S13KFGFNT offers for its modest price is hard to beat. It is dexterous, offers ASTM level-4 cut protection, puncture and abrasion resistance and lightweight comfort. Congrats to S13KFGFNT.


Winner, All-Around Toughness
SKFGFNVB – Dexterity, Impact-Resistant Blended Glass/Kevlar Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

Dexterity, Impact-Resistant Blended Glass/Kevlar Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

Say hello to one of Superior’s most popular gloves, now with thermo plastic rubber (TPR) backing to reduce back-of-hand injuries and offer impact protection. Winning features abound: ASTM level-4 in cut protection, silica-infused fiber encased with Kevlar® fiber for a boost in cut protection that won’t come through to the hands, TPR backing, and a nitrile palm coating for awesome puncture and abrasion resistance. Apparently, adding to its tough mystique, SKFGFNVB wanted to get a tattoo and some piercings before the awards ceremony, but of course, its all-around toughness was impenetrable.


Winner, Most Likely to be Invited to the Pool Party
S13PNTFC – Dexterity, 13-gauge Nylon with Full Micropore Coating

Dexterity, 13-gauge Nylon with Full Micropore Coating

When looking at waterproof gloves offering great grip, S13PNTFC came out on top this year. These Dexterity® Series, 13-gauge grey nylon gloves feature Black Widow technology—a nitrile coating with millions of tiny pores that displace oils and liquids when pressed against smooth surfaces to create enough suction to increase grip. (Rumor has it, after S13PNTFC’s big win, Spiderman himself called to arrange a rendezvous with the grey beauty).


Winner, Favorite Metal Handling Glove
SKFGLP – Emerald CX Kevlar 7-gauge Composite Knit with Leather Palm

Emerald CX Kevlar 7-gauge Composite Knit with Leather Palm

This Emerald CX™ Kevlar® composite knit provides ASTM cut-level 4 protection and is known for its durability and strength, particularly in the metal handling industry. Unfortunately, SKFGLP was MIA when his name was called to the podium to accept his Handy. He later came out saying he was helping organizers handle broken glass that scattered across the conference room, where award-less S13SXPUQ was said to have had a fit. (It was later revealed that SKFGLP spent over an hour handling sharp metal and glass… although he looked pristine at the after party — a true testament to his cut and slash resistance).


Winner, Favorite Winter Glove
SNTAPVC – Dexterity Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm

Dexterity Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm

This tried-and-true winter glove received a boisterous applause when announced the winner of this year’s Favorite Winter Glove award. Red nylon gloves with black PVC palms, everyone knows these beauties are warm, dry and flexible. Despite tabloid reports that SNTAPVC would be too busy to attend the awards ceremony (constantly splitting time between commercial fisheries, agriculture, construction, utilities and cold storage facilities), everyone was thrilled to applaud these good-grip Dexterity® PVC-coated gloves.


Winner, Favorite Glove
SKC/A2NTS – Sure-Grip Hot Mill Gloves with 2-sided Nitrile-striped Palms

Sure-Grip Hot Mill Gloves with 2-sided Nitrile-striped Palms

Winner of the coveted Favorite Glove Award, these new hot mill gloves with nitrile grip palms were clear frontrunners. A new addition to the styles in the Superior Glove SureGrip® seamless-knit glove lineup (heat-resistant gloves with grip palms in a choice of regular or cut-resistant styles), this model features a Kevlar®/cotton combination with two-sided nitrile-striped palms. ASTM cut-level 3 protection for dual resistance against heat and cut in applications like glass foundries and the automotive industry. Given its great grip, SKC/A2NTS was seen dancing the night away, without ever once putting down his Handy Award (much to shunned S13SXPUQ’s displeasure).


Winner, Best New Protective Sleeve
KP1T – CutBan Black Tapered Cut-Resistant Sleeves

CutBan Black Tapered Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Superior launched a range of new protective sleeves this year (see our sleeve guide… it’s pretty sweet), so competition was fierce in this category. Combining a range of functional benefits, KP1T claimed the Handy for Best Sleeve this year. Part of the new CutBan series of sleeves, our single-layer winner combines high-tenacity filament yarn that offers tough, durable ASTM cut-level 2 protection (650 grams of cut resistance) with the enhanced benefits of STAYz-UP sleeve technology.

In her acceptance speech (which eventually got cut off for running on too long), KP1T thanked her designers for her slim, tapered knit offering form-fitting comfort (many in the crowd also seemed to be sending thanks for this sleek design as they looked KP1T up and down as she made her way down from the podium).


Winner, Favorite Food Industry Glove
S10SXB – SureKnit Cut-Resistant Food Glove

SureKnit Cut-Resistant Food Glove

This SureKnit™ 10-gauge cut-resistant glove has no problem making friends in the kitchen. Made with a high-performance fiber blend, S10SXB offers excellent protection from the hazards of meat and fish processing, plus excellent abrasion resistance. Its ASTM cut-level 5 and varied size range helped push this glove to the forefront as this year’s clear winner. (Celebrity-endorsed fellow nominee “Gordon Ramsey Knit Glove” was seen tossing chairs out of her way as she cursed her way out the exit doors).


Winner, Best Contribution to Worker Safety
MXHV – Clutch Gear High-viz Mechanics Oilfield Glove

Clutch Gear High-viz Mechanics Oilfield Glove

A colorful standout amongst the crowd of winners, the Clutch Gear Hi-Viz Mechanics Oilfield Glove takes the prize for Best Contribution to Worker Safety. Combining high-tech features like neoprene knuckle straps and SureGrip palms with fluorescent styling for visibility and safety… these gloves were a sure winner. Members of the Handademy praised MXHV for “not being afraid to stand out.”


Congratulations to all our winners!


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