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Introducing ZedCoat™: the Green Monster of Abrasion Resistance

The buzz at the Superior Glove office has been pretty big for the release of our new ZedCoat™ series.

Questions have been flying around about the green glove with abrasion resistance, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to post some answers to these Frequently Asked Questions:


What is ZedCoat™?

ZedCoat™ is a flat nitrile palm coating created in-house by our Superior Glove engineers.

The first thing you’ll notice about these 100% Canadian-made gloves is the vibrant green color, the second thing you’ll notice is the protection they offer against abrasion hazards – our S13TANT model has an abrasion resistance 46% higher than the next leading palm coated glove.

They are also latex free and touchscreen compatible.

TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with ZedCoat™ Palms
TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with ZedCoat™ Palms


What makes ZedCoat™ special?

Whether it’s a cost factor or a personal choice, leather isn’t for everyone.

Like its nickname suggests, “the Green Monster” makes a great alternative for its strong resistance to abrasion.

This coating also offers nearly on-par grip with foam nitrile in wet and oily conditions, but unlike our other palm dips, ZedCoat™ has no soak through meaning dry, happy hands.

zedcoat abrasion resistance


Will ZedCoat™ Peel?

No, the glove’s shell has gone through a process called Factoring™, which enhances adhesion and removes the risk of the coating delaminating from the shell, even when the glove has been laundered or worn for extended periods of time.



What Applications are Best for ZedCoat™?

ZedCoat™ can be used anywhere where good grip or high abrasion resistance are needed.

Currently offered on Kevlar® (S13TANT) and TenActiv™ (S18KGNT and S18TAFGNT) shells, these gloves are perfect for the construction, automotive, metal fabrication and oilfield work industries to name a few.


Want to give ZedCoat™ a Try?

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ZedCoat Abrasion Resistance

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