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  • Clutch Gear® MXGKGHVB

    Product ID: MXGKGHVB

    Hi-viz mechanics style leather palms with high cut resistance and impact protection for hand placement and worker visibility

    Our Clutch Gear® MXGKGHVB cut protection offers impact resistance in a hi-viz green color for better worker visibility and hand placement. TenActiv™ engineered yarn material provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance. Hi-viz back-of-hand bumpers offer ANSI 2 impact protection to guard against knocks and bumps, and the green hi-viz back-of-hand knit adds flexibility and comfort. The leather palms add durability for a longer wear life.

  • Endura® 378GAHVB

    Product ID: 378GAHVB

    Goatskin leather gloves with flexible hi-viz retroreflective back for better visibility and mobility

    Our Endura® 378GAHVB gloves offer hi-viz retroreflective back of hand for better visibility and hand placement. Flexible knit back features a hi-viz stripe for visibility while goatskin leather palms help improve dexterity and durability for a longer wear life. The pull-on style allows ease of donning and features an elasticized back for a snug fit.

  • Endura® 378GOB

    Product ID: 378GOB

    Comfortable general use leather gloves that resist liquids

    Our Endura® 378GOB general use leather gloves resist liquid penetration for low hazard tasks. Goatskin leather provides natural abrasion resistance that is treated to resist water and liquids. A keystone thumb design offers improved durability for a longer wear life.

  • Clutch Gear® MXGKGHV

    Product ID: MXGKGHV

    Hi-viz mechanic gloves with cut protection for material handling and visibility

    Our Clutch Gear® MXGKGHV gloves feature a TenActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance for material handling. These hi-viz gloves feature leather wrapped fingertips and palms plus a hook and loop wrist closure for a snug, comfortable fit.

  • Clutch Gear® MXGCE

    Product ID: MXGCE

    Economical mechanics style gloves that are durable and flexible

    Our Clutch Gear® MXGCE mechanics gloves are an economical choice for durability and freedom of hand movement. Featuring spandex back-of-hand and goat-skin palms with split cow-hide patches, they provide durability that remains flexible. Reinforced thumb crotch improves overall lifespan and protects against wear and tear when material handling.

  • Endura® 378GKTKL

    Product ID: 378GKTKL

    Dexterous leather gloves for protection against minor cut hazards

    Our Endura® 378GKTKL gloves provide protection against minor cut hazards and offers a longer wear life while retaining dexterity. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A3 cut resistance while supple goatskin leather offers better mobility and dexterity. A keystone thumb design maximizes durability for a longer wear life.

  • Endura® 66BRBOA

    Product ID: 66BRBOA

    Durable split-fitter gloves with extra wrist protection and a warm, winter-proof lining

    These split-leather fitter gloves are built for heavy duty and rugged wear. They come equipped with leather palms and index fingers and are reinforced at the fingertips to offer a higher level of protection to the areas that need it most. Safety is further enhanced by knuckle straps and 2.5″ rubberized safety cuffs improve wrist protection while allowing for an easy fit. All-over lining provides warmth and comfort in cold conditions.

  • Endura® 361DLXWL

    Product ID: 361DLXWL

    A one finger lineman mitt built tough for extreme cold (-45°C / -49°F)

    These heavy-duty mitts built from specially selected horsehide leather are wool lined for warmth in temperatures down to -45°C / -49°F. Their gauntlet cuffs are marked by retroreflective silver strips and a hi-viz overlay to assure maximum visibility. Sewing thread is made with ParaActiv™ fiber for added seam integrity. A leather performance patch at the palm makes them extra-hard wearing, and a removable, washable lining makes it easy to keep them fresh and clean.