Protecting the hands protecting the world!

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to those working tirelessly during these uncertain times to keep the rest of the world safe. From the frontline healthcare workers dealing directly with those affected to the people making sure there’s food on store shelves, to those making sure to stay home and stay isolated – we thank you for your efforts!

Superior Glove is proud to be producing the personal protective equipment (PPE) keeping frontline workers, store employees, and citizens safe during this unprecedented health crisis.

Read below to find out how we’re contributing and innovating to help defeat COVID-19.

Dear Valued Customers, Partners, and Concerned Citizens,

We are in the midst of unprecedented and uncertain times.

At Superior Glove, we are doing our very best to balance the safety of our people and our customers with what we owe our society and our country to help keep it running.

We are proud to be supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep those working the frontlines of this pandemic as safe as possible.

We continue to take measures to ensure the safety of our staff, our suppliers, our customers, and the community at large, and to ensure we can continue to provide those working on the frontlines with the protection they need.

In accordance with recommendations from Public Health, we have instituted the following policies at our facilities:

  • Having most of our staff work from home and instituting social distancing guidelines for those that must work in the office
  • Suspended all business travel and have asked those returning from travel to self-isolate
  • Restricting visitors to our facility by allowing only essential visitors on-site after they have successfully passed our screening process

In addition, our development team is busy innovating great ways for us to use our assets and knowledge to further help protect those working on the frontlines of this crisis. Our team is actively monitoring the global health situation and will provide ongoing updates as needed.

Superior Innovations

Since our founding over 100 years ago, our raison d’etre has been to keep workers safe through innovative hand protection – never in the history of Superior Glove has that been more important than right now.

Here are the many ways that Superior Glove is helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic:

Face Shields

A machine that had been gathering dust for over a decade has come back to life in a BIG way at our Acton plant. Initially purchased for a product that was never brought to market, a laser-cutter had been sitting unused for more than 10 years to the point where most employees didn’t know what it was or why it was there.

In a stroke of genius, one of the bright minds in our innovation department decided to take it out of storage and use it to cut plastic face shields. Using items from our other products, such as the stretch band technology from our STAYz-UP™ protective sleeves, we were able to put together a comfortable and functional face shield.

After repurposing our former cleanroom facility, we set up assembly workstations which will produce up to 10,000 face shields per day.

In addition, we are also helping to distribute face shields created by two Ontario cabinet makers. After having their businesses shuttered due to COVID-19, the two craftsmen got together and came up with an innovative way to make face shields using their existing facilities. Superior Glove is proud to be helping distribute those face shields to those who need them.

Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that Superior Glove used to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer? It’s true! That particular business vertical didn’t work out, but the equipment remained on-site in Acton.

After making some construction modifications to our Acton facility, we are able to manufacture hand sanitizer on-site using the old equipment. While it took a little engineering and a lot of patience, we were able to develop an effective formula and will soon be producing 40 tons (80,000 lbs) of sanitizer per month.

Hand sanitizers will be available in sizes of 60 ml (2 oz), 250 ml (8.5 oz), 500 ml (17 oz), and 1,500 ml (50.7 oz).

Donations & Goodwill

For each of our new lines of products – face shields and hand sanitizer – we will be donating the initial production run of each to areas in need within our community of Halton Hills, including hospitals and long-term care facilities.

We were very proud to be able to help out local healthcare providers including hospitals and long-term care facilities by donating 48,000 pairs of disposable gloves to those in need.

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Yes, we are open for business! Superior Glove is considered an essential business, functioning as both as Supply Chain and Manufacturer and as such is able to remain operational.

  • Supply Chains: Businesses that supply other essential businesses or essential services within Ontario, or that supply businesses or services that have been declared essential in a jurisdiction outside of Ontario, with the support, products, supplies, systems, or services, including processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, delivery, and maintenance necessary to operate.
  • Manufacturer: Business that extract, manufacture, process and distribute goods, products, equipment and materials including businesses that manufacture inputs to other manufacturers, (e.g. primary metal / steel, blow molding, component manufacturers, chemicals, etc. that feed the end-product manufacturer), regardless of whether those other manufacturers are inside or outside of Ontario, together with businesses that support and facilitate the movement of goods within integrated North American and global supply chains.

Absolutely, our customer service team is working diligently to fulfill distributor orders and ensure our customers receive the PPE they need.

Yes, we are allowing orders to be picked up from our warehouse. If you wish to pick your order up at our warehouse, please contact customer service beforehand to arrange for your pickup time.

Based on research that indicates COVID-19 cannot live on cardboard for more than 24 hours, we are confident there is little risk of contracting COVID-19 from shipped orders.

While some of our products, including disposable gloves, are sourced from countries in Asia, many of our most popular styles of gloves are manufactured right in Canada. As such, we are able to maintain a healthy inventory of products despite the supply chain challenges posed by COVID-19.

Disposable gloves prevent bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus, from reaching your skin. Proper use of disposable gloves and refraining from touching your face while wearing them can help to protect you from contracting COVID-19.

At this time, we have limited staff to only those who must be on-site to perform their jobs and are only allowing essential visitors who have successfully passed our screening to enter the building.

Yes, there are alternatives you can use in place of disposable gloves. There are several options and finding the most suitable will depend on your particular needs. To find out what gloves will work best for your business, contact your Superior Glove representative or reach out to one of our helpful Business Development Associates by calling 1 (800) 265-7617 or emailing [email protected]

In addition to donating thousands of gloves to healthcare facilities, we have also innovated several ways to help fight COVID-19 by retooling and repurposing our existing manufacturing equipment. Ways in which we are helping include:

  • Manufacturing face shields on-site at our facility in Acton
  • Helping distribute face shields made by a former cabinet maker in Ontario
  • Manufacturing hand sanitizer on-site at our facility in Acton
  • Manufacturing medical gowns in collaboration with the Government of Newfoundland at our facilities in Newfoundland
  • Manufacturing medical face masks at our facilities in Acton and Newfoundland
  • Manufacturing polyethylene gloves on-site at our facility in Acton – the only disposable gloves to be manufactured in Canada

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