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Superior Touch® S18ULPFN
Ultra-Light High-Tactility for Assembly and Inspection Work

Our new Superior Touch®️ S18ULPFN gloves maximize worker's sense of touch and improve grip while protecting their hands from minor, but common, hazards associated with assembly and inspection tasks. Their high level of dexterity helps workers to easily feel, grip, and manipulate small parts like nuts, bolts, clips, and plastic components. Using an ultra-thin, lightweight shell and our thinnest palm coating, they offer ANSI Level 3 Abrasion protection and ANSI Level 2 Puncture resistance for non-hypodermic hazards.


Updated Products

TenActiv™️ S13TANT

We have upgraded the yarn in our TenActiv™️ S13TANT gloves to offer better cut resistance. This improvement has increased their cut protection from ANSI Cut Level A3 to ANSI Cut Level A4. In order to maintain a high level of dexterity and comfort, their abrasion resistance has decreased from ANSI Level 5 to ANSI Level 4.


Sample our selection of winter glovesmade with DuPont™️ Kevlar®️ fiber

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