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Introducing our new S15KGVNVIB gloves designed specifically for workers who face daily vibration hazards from use of heavy power tools. With 17 individual vibration dampening pads strategically placed in high-risk areas, these gloves offer protection where it’s needed most while maintaining a high level of comfort and dexterity. In addition, these gloves provide 360° ANSI cut level A5 protection and feature a two-layer palm dip for increased durability and a water-tight seal to keep hands dry.

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Our new 378GCXVB gloves are bringing maximum cut resistance to our impact protection offering. Their lining, which is made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, provides 360° ANSI cut level A9 protection while their flexible back-of-hand plate offers ANSI Level 2 impact protection – all in a highly durable leather shell that resists oil and water. Originally designed for use in oil and gas applications, these gloves are also useful for high-risk applications in mining, forestry, construction, and other industries where cut and impact risks can be high.

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Try our new and improved S15GPNVB gloves, featuring back-of-hand impact protection that defends against knocks and bumps while maintaining flexibility and a high level of dexterity. These gloves also provide 360o cut resistance with ANSI level A4 cut protection and micropore nitrile palm coating for excellent grip and oil and water repellency.

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Experience maximum cut and puncture protection, plus more dexterity, in our new STAGLXPB gloves. With palms that feature a combination of Punkban™ lining and latex coating, these gloves offer maximum protection where it’s needed most. Their palms provide ANSI cut level A9 protection and hypodermic puncture resistance at ANSI Level 5. To increase dexterity, we leverage our exclusive TenActiv™ knit for flexible back-of-hand ANSI Level A5 protection.

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