Hand Safety Book

The essential guide for anyone looking to eliminate workplace hand injuries

Around the globe, hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident. But what actually protects workers’ hands? What kind of training actually gets through? What causes a worker to act safely (or not) in the moment? Which infrastructure and PPE decisions really pay off? And how have others reduced hand injuries by 50, even 90 percent?

REThinking Hand Safety answers these questions and helps you understand how to change company culture, alter worker attitudes, and finally do safety right. It’s a must-read for safety managers, or anyone who wants to create a safer, better workplace.

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Book Discussion Guide for Teams

Read and discuss REThinking Hand Safety with your team. Create a positive safety culture on your worksite, as you learn and solve safety problems together

  • Chapter-by-chapter questions and activities to reinforce concepts
  • Open-ended questions to facilitate discussion beyond fact recall
  • Quick page references to the book for context throughout guide
  • Content allows those who haven’t read the book to participate

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Online Hand Safety Course

Don’t have time to read REThinking Hand Safety, or want to reinforce what you’ve read? Register for the online REThinking Hand Safety Course.

  • Completion takes approximately 3 hours – 1 hour per module 
  • Each module contains certification questions
  • Certification requires 80% answer accuracy
  • Upon successful completion, we will send you a certification package (available to US and
    Canadian residents only)  

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1-on-1 With Hand Safety Specialist

Consult with someone who specializes hand safety

We offer an On-Site Hand Safety Program that pairs you with a Hand Safety Specialist to help you build and improve your company’s hand safety program. This is a holistic hand safety program that addresses gaps in all safety controls – not just PPE.

Our Hand Safety Specialist will assess your team’s work environment and provide resources to help you develop and implement a hand safety program that reduces injuries. With ideas, action plans and strategic collateral, you will work together on the goal of eliminating and reducing hand safety hazards through modifications to work environment, behavior and PPE.

Available in Canada, USA and Mexico only.

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