Cleanroom Gloves

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Cleanroom Gloves That Provide Superior Protection Against Contamination

We get it: certain hazards pose much more of a risk to some industries over others. That's why we also understand that when you work in cleanroom, paint line, and electronic assembly applications, contamination is your worst enemy.

For this reason, we've created a line of reliable work gloves that were specifically designed to minimize these kinds of workplace hazards.

Gloves from this line provide a number of different advantages; depending on the product, these gloves are...

  • Crafted with high-performing materials that are either non-shedding or have a low particulate shed
  • Lint-free and anti-static
  • Lightweight, dexterous, and very comfortable to wear
  • Touchscreen-compatible

When you wear our cleanroom gloves, instead of worrying about contamination, all you'll have to worry about is getting the job done.

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