Vending Pack Work Gloves

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Specially packaged glove selections made exclusively for industrial PPE vending machines.

Superior Glove is proud to offer a selection of Vend-Ready gloves. Many of our best-selling styles are now available in a convenient vend pack for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) vending machines in the industrial workplace.

Poly-Bagging Packaging consists of assembling and gathering gloves to insert them into plastic bags of various sizes while allowing merchandise protection. Poly-bagging packaging is certified biodegradable. Currently, poly-bagged vend-ready items are packaged and assembled in-house at Superior Glove.

Shrink-Wrap Packaging consists of clear plastic packaging that shrinks with hot air to the shape of the gloves. Its purpose is to support and solidify the packages and the bundles. Currently, shrink-wrapped vend-ready items for items in the MXVSB series are packaged externally.


  • Each poly bag package comes with an air hole for easier loading and packing of machines and cases.
  • Each package is clearly identified with part number and size.

All vend packed products are sold per case only. Case quantities will vary depending on which style is chosen. Please contact your Superior Glove Rep for more details.

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