You wouldn’t walk onto a job site without your steel-toed boots or hardhat – so why go out there with your fingertips exposed?

Sure, you’re probably wearing gloves and maybe you think pinch-point injuries are just part of the job – we’re here to tell you: they’re not.

PinchGuard Technology Showcase

Injuries Change Lives

Whether you’re handling heavy objects like concrete blocks, working around pipes and chains that may fall, or working with mechanical equipment, your fingertips are at risk to be pinched or crushed. From the construction site to the oil rig to the mine shaft – workers everywhere are putting their hands – and fingertips – on the line.

One injury can change your life. If you think time off work is the worst that could happen, what if you can never perform your job again? Or drive your car? Or button your pants? Or hold your loved ones?

Crush and pinch injuries can impact more than your ability to work and aren’t something you need to accept as “part of the job” – you can protect yourself. With Superior Glove’s new PinchGuard technology, you can work confidently knowing your fingertips are protected.

The PinchGuard Family

Crush and pinch injuries aren’t your only concern, depending on your industry and work environment you might have a whole host of hazards to protect against. That’s why Superior Glove created an entire family of gloves featuring PinchGuard protection so you can choose the one that best fits your particular needs.

  • 378GOBFCThis classic-style glove features great abrasion resistance thanks to its goatskin construct. It’s durable enough for the demands of the toughest job site and has a sweat-wicking liner for all-day comfort.

  • 378GOBBFCThis impact-resistant glove packs a punch. Made from high quality goat-grain leather for durability and abrasion resistance, this glove also features a Kevlar® liner for cut protection.

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