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  • Endura® 76BFTL

    Product ID: 76BFTL

    Cold-rated fitter style gloves with loose fit and grain leather for warmth down to -15°C / 5°F

    Our cold-rated Endura® 76BFTL fitter style gloves feature a loose fit for comfortable all-day wear and warmth. Grain leather palms improve dexterity and liquid resistance while the fleece lining keeps hands warm down to -15°C / 5°F. A bandtop cuff allows for easing donning and removal. Ideal for everyday tasks such as material handling and general labor.

  • Endura® 304BOA

    Product ID: 304BOA

    Durable mitts with fleece lining for extreme cold protection down to -35°C / -31°F

    Our cold-rated Endura® 304BOA mitts help protect against extreme cold temperatures. Fleece lined to keep hands warm down to -35°C / -31°F, they also feature fleece cuffs for a better seal around wrists to lock in heat. They’re made from cowgrain leather for improved durability and a longer wear life.

  • Superior® ML80K

    Product ID: ML80K

    Reversible low-lint inspection gloves

    Our Superior® ML80 reversible inspection gloves feature a cotton blend that is low-linting to avoid shedding material and contamination. They are reversible for ease of use and CFIA-compliant for safe food handling, making them ideal for assembly tasks and inspection lines. They can be worn as a liner under other safety gloves for extra warmth.

  • Chemstop™ F294SL

    Product ID: F294SL

    Chemical-resistant gloves with stay-in-place sleeves for full length arm protection

    Our Chemstop™ F294SL gloves offer chemical resistance and stay-in-place sleeves for full-length arm protection. Their double-dipped palms provide extra resistance to chemicals and solvents, and a flock-lined PVC material ensures they’re stiff enough to stay in place. Wide elastic straps that wrap around the neck further ensure the sleeves stay put. They also protect against oils, grease, acid, caustics, solvents, detergents, oxidation, and water.

  • KeepKleen® BOOTPD18

    Product ID: BOOTPD18

    Extended coverage single-use boot covers that guard against contamination

    These single-use boot covers are made from water-resistant polyethylene to protect feet and floors from contamination. Their extra-long, 18″ height provides a wide amount of coverage, and elasticized tops ensure they stay in place through wear and tear.

  • Superior® ADBP3828

    Product ID: ADBP3828

    Durable, 4-pocket denim apron with convenient tool storage

    This lightweight but hard-wearing denim apron features a total of four pockets for seamless tool storage and access. It has a single, easy to reach chest-level pocket to hold the items you reach for most, plus three waist-level pockets for extra storage. A reinforced bar-tack increases its lifespan, and it is fully launderable for easy cleaning.

  • Superior® A8BV4835

    Product ID: A8BV4835

    Easy-cleaning apron that is food safe and resists chemicals, detergents, and oils

    Our Superior® A8BV4835 food safe vinyl apron is easy to clean and offers resistance to chemicals, oils, detergents, and fats. Its reinforced grommets enhance durability, and the plain edges allow easy cleaning. CFIA-compliant for safe food handling and offers a secure fit with fasteners around the neck and back to hold the apron in place.

  • SnowForce™ SNOWD200L

    Product ID: SNOWD200L

    Gauntlet cuff mitts with removable lining for extreme cold temperatures

    Our Endura® SNOWD200L cold-rated mitts provide a comfortable fit with removable lining that offers extreme cold protection from the elements. Fleece lining offers warmth in cold temperatures down to -45°C / -49°F and can be removed for easy cleaning and drying. Adjustable wrist closures and extra-wide gauntlet cuffs are designed to fit over thick jackets and lock in warmth. Made from calfskin leather for improved dexterity and longer wear life, they’re ideal for comfortable long-periods of outdoor usage.

  • Endura® SPL4

    Product ID: SPL4

    Welder's spats that protect against sparks and heat

    Our Endura® SPL4 welder’s spats protect feet and shins from sparks and heat. They feature a wide elastic sole strap with an closure for a quick, easy fit. An extended 6.5-inch height offers added protection and they’re sewn with ParaActiv™ fiber for added seam integrity.

  • Cutban™ KPW

    Product ID: KPW

    Low cut-resistant sleeves made with recycled material

    Our Cutban™ KPW sleeves are made from recycled material and protect against incidental cut hazards. The double-layer engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A2 cut resistance.
    Available with or without thumbholes, in a variety of sizes that range from 9 inches to 22 inches in length.