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Endura® 370DTIG
Everyday TIG welding gloves with enhanced sense of touch

Our Endura® 370DTIG balances durability with the tactile flexibility of deerskin that offers a better sense of touch and dexterity. These TIG welding gloves also feature cushioned patches on the pinky side, providing comfort when resting hands against surfaces during welding sessions. They’re rated ANSI Level 2 heat resistant for protection up to 140°C / 284°F and sewing thread made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber adds seam integrity.

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Endura® 305ENLB
Flexible with heat protection for long days of precise TIG welding

We designed our Endura® 305ENLB TIG welding gloves for long welding sessions that require more touch sensitivity for precise work. The elk palm material affords a thinner shell, affording better dexterity and hand-feel that doesn’t sacrifice durability. The back-of-hand liner provides additional ambient heat resistance and spark protection for long welding. Sewing thread is made with Kevlar® fiber for added seam integrity.

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Dexterity® S18ND
Economical choice for low-hazard general purpose use that requires grip

Our Dexterity® S18ND work gloves are an economical but durable choice for general labor. The palms are dotted to provide a more breathable and dexterous grip than a full palm coat, making them comfortable enough for all-day use.

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