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  • Contender™ PXN/KG18

    Product ID: PXN/KG18

    Arc flash and cut-resistant sleeves for workers exposed to fire and arc flash hazards

    Our Contender™ PXN/KG18 sleeves offer cut and arc flash protection for workers exposed to flame and flash fire hazards. Made with material designed to resist flames, ParaActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance. Tapered 18-inch sleeves provide a snug fit that conforms to arms.

  • Emerald CX® S13CXSI

    Product ID: S13CXSI

    Heat and cut protection with non-marring palms to resist adhesives, liquid, and won’t leave residue

    Our Dexterity® S13CXSI cut-resistant gloves are non-marring and offer protection against adhesives, liquid, and heat. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn material provides 360° cut protection with high ANSI A6 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection. Maximum ANSI 6 abrasion resistance offers protection and long wear life plus their non-marring silicone palm coating provides liquid and adhesive resistance.

  • Endura® 370GFKL

    Product ID: 370GFKL

    MIG welding gloves with fine touch sensitivity

    Our Endura® 370GFKL goatskin MIG welding gloves balance cut and heat protection with touch sensitivity. These gloves feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with low ANSI cut A2 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection and spark resistance while extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection.

  • Endura® 398GLBG

    Product ID: 398GLBG

    TIG welding gloves with heat protection plus extended cuffs for added wrist and forearm protection

    Our Endura® 398GLBG TIG welding gloves offer heat protection with extended cuffs for added wrist and forearm protection. Back-of-hand fleece lining offers ANSI 2 heat resistance while seams are sewn with ParaActiv™ thread for added integrity. Ergonomically shaped for a snug fit, dark coloring hides dirt and stains for a longer wear life, plus extended 6-inch cuffs offer added wrist and forearm protection. Padded palm patches provide comfort when material handling.

  • KeepKleen® RD8NPF

    Product ID: RD8NPF

    Thicker industrial grade blue disposable gloves

    Our KeepKleen® RD8NPF industrial grade food safe disposable gloves are made with thicker nitrile for better durability and tear resistance. Ambidextrous and powder-free, they contain no natural rubber latex that may cause allergies.

  • North Sea™ NS330

    Product ID: NS330

    Chemical-resistant gloves that keep hands safe in cold conditions

    These chemically resistant gloves feature a PVC formulation that gives them outstanding flexibility and ensures that they won’t stiffen or crack in cold temperatures. Rough-finished palms provide a sturdy grip even in wet, slippery conditions. They’re also CFIA-compliant for safe food handling.

  • Superior Touch® S18ULPFN

    Product ID: S18ULPFN

    Ultra-thin dexterity for assembly and inspection tasks

    Our Superior Touch® S18ULPFN gloves are made with lightweight polyester for improved hand movement and a bare hand feel. Ultra-thin knit offers better fit and maximizes sense of touch, plus the thin foam nitrile palm coating provides a steady wet grip when handling small parts like nuts and bolts.

  • TenActiv™ KTAG

    Product ID: KTAG

    Tubular knit high cut-resistant sleeves for all day protection

    Our TenActiv™ KTAG safety sleeves protect arms against high cut hazards. The TenActiv™ engineered yarn offers 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance. The sleeve features an elastic grip at the bicep to ensure it remains securely in place.
    Available with or without thumbholes, in a variety of sizes that range from 14 inches to 22 inches in length.

  • TenActiv™ S18WTLFN

    Product ID: S18WTLFN

    Waterproof  gloves with cut resistance and cold protection down to -10°C / - 14°F

    Our water-resistant TenActiv™ S18WTLFN gloves offer cut protection that keeps hands warm down to -10°C / – 14°F. A laminated waterproof membrane provides water resistance and prevents layers from slipping for comfort, a more secure fit, and better grip. The TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance while a nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip.

  • TenActiv™ S21TXUFN

    Product ID: S21TXUFN

    Maximum cut protection with outstanding hand dexterity and comfort for freedom of movement and bare hand feel

    Our TenActiv™ S21TXUFN are ultra-thin for exceptional hand freedom with the highest level of cut resistance. Ideal for precision applications where dexterity is required and high cut hazards are present, their TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A9 cut resistance. The ultra-thin nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip and a bare hand feel. They are CFIA and FDA compliant for safe food handling and touchscreen compatible to seamlessly move between tasks.

  • TenActiv™ STACXPNRT

    Product ID: STACXPNRT

    Extreme cut protection with reinforced nitrile thumb crotch for material handling and longevity

    These gloves are made with TenActiv™ engineered yarn that provides 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A7 cut resistance while a nitrile reinforced thumb crotch protects against wear and tear when material handling. Their micropore nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip and is touchscreen compatible for moving between tasks.

  • TenActiv™ STAGPNVPI

    Product ID: STAGPNVPI

    Vibration dampening gloves with protection against cut hazards

    Our TenActiv™ STAGPNVPI cut resistance offers vibration-dampening padding for protection against vibration hazards. TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance while their micropore nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip.

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