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Glove Laundering

Glove Laundering

Laundering gloves can help in saving costs. Gloves made from high-quality materials can be laundered to increase their wear life without impeding performance.

Considerations to keep in mind when laundering gloves:


Ideally leather gloves should be dry cleaned.

If you plan to wash your leather gloves at home, you will want to use a leather conditioning soap that will replenish the oils back into gloves.

Para-aramid and Meta-aramid

Wash in hot water (170°F/75°C)
Tumble dry high heat (155°F/70°C)

No bleach

When washing gloves made with para-aramid or meta-aramid materials, avoid using bleach at all costs. Using bleach will damage the gloves almost immediately. Long exposure to UV light also weakens the materials and shortens the gloves’ lifespan. Therefore, they should not be kept under direct sunlight for too long when drying.

Nylon and polyester

Wash in warm water (105°F/40°C)

Tumble dry on low heat

Nylon and polyester are thermoplastic materials, which means they can melt when exposed to heat. When laundering gloves made of these materials, ensure that you do not wash them in hot water. You can use regular detergents and bleach, but not high or sanitation heat.

HPPE and cotton

Wash in cold water (85°F/30°C)

Tumble dry on low or no heat

HPPE is a thermoplastic material, which means it can melt when exposed to heat. With cotton there is the risk of shrinkage. For this reason, while you can use regular detergents and bleach for HPPE and cotton gloves, avoid using high or sanitation heat.

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