• Dexterity® S15NT

    Product ID: S15NT

    Comfort and dexterity that protects against punctures and abrasion

    These versatile gloves are proudly made in Canada from a cotton seamless knit shell that provides outstanding dexterity and comfort. A nitrile-dipped palm coating, which over time, forms to fit the user’s hand, offers ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistance and ANSI Level 2 puncture resistance. The nitrile palm coating features an additive to make them biodegradable.

  • Dexterity® S13HVLX

    Product ID: S13HVLX

    Hi-viz general use gloves with strong dry grip for worker visibility and hand placement

    Our Dexterity® S13HVLX gloves offer steady dry grip and feature hi-viz green shell for better visibility and hand placement. Made from a lightweight and breathable polyester knit, they wick away moisture to keep hands dry and their latex palm coating provides outstanding dry grip.

  • Emerald CX® S13CXPNT

    Product ID: S13CXPNT

    Silicon-free touchscreen compatible gloves with protection against cut and heat hazards plus wet grip

    Our Emerald CX® S13CXPNT gloves are silicon-free, protect against cut and heat hazards, and are touchscreen compatible. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A6 cut resistance and ANSI 5 heat protection. Micropore nitrile palm coating offers a steady wet grip and helps prevent water from seeping in.

  • Dexterity® SNTAPVC

    Product ID: SNTAPVC

    A highly dexterous glove that provides winter protection down to -5°C / 23°F

    These lightweight gloves feature a soft fleece lining that keeps hands warm in temperatures down to -5°C / 23°F. A micropore PVC coating provides a high level of flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures, and a palm coating ensures a strong, steady grip.

  • Ground Hog™ 14012GH

    Product ID: 14012GH

    Static grounding gloves that eliminates electrostatic paint spray-back while keeping hands protected

    Our Ground Hog™ 14012GH cleanroom-processed gloves feature highly conductive continuous silver strips on palms that run from the inside of the glove to the outside to help ground workers and avoid paint spray-back. The lint-free laminated polyurethane fabric resists solvents and are cleanroom-processed to avoid shedding materials and prevent paint contamination. Made with latex-free materials to reduce the risk of allergies.

  • Endura® 375KGTVB

    Product ID: 375KGTVB

    Driving gloves that offer exceptional grip and winter warmth down to -10°C / 14°F

    The DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber/ composite filament lining within these tough liquid resistant goatskin driver gloves provides 360°ANSI Level A5 cut protection and ANSI Level 4 puncture protection. Thinsulate™ lining keeps hands warm in temperatures down to -10°C / 14°F. Reinforced materials at the back of the hand protect the grip without inhibiting freedom of movement. Testing places these gloves at an arc flash level 3 rating.

  • Endura® 375CSI

    Product ID: 375CSI

    Economic choice unlined gloves with grain leather palms for added dexterity, durability, and sense of feel

    Our economic choice Endura® 375CSI leather gloves are unlined to provide a better sense of feel and hand motion. Cow grain leather palms improve durability and naturally resist liquids, while gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist safety and allows for easier donning and removal.

  • Endura® 370GFKL

    Product ID: 370GFKL

    MIG welding gloves with fine touch sensitivity

    Our Endura® 370GFKL goatskin MIG welding gloves balance cut and heat protection with touch sensitivity. These gloves feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with low ANSI cut A2 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection and spark resistance while extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection.

  • Endura® 370CTIG

    Product ID: 370CTIG

    TIG welding gloves with heat protection that balances flexibility and durability

    Our Endura® 370CTIG TIG welding gloves are made from goatskin leather to provide an ideal balance between durability and hand motion that protect against sparks and heat. They provide ANSI 2 heat resistance and feature ParaActiv™ thread for added seam integrity and durability. Extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection against heat and sparks.

  • Endura® 365HBR

    Product ID: 365HBR

    Highly durable TIG welding gloves that are thinner than typical TIG gloves for better hand mobility and sense of touch

    Our Endura® 365HBR are highly dexterous TIG welding gloves that offer heat protection for precision work. They offer ANSI 2 heat resistance and are sewn with ParaActiv™ fiber for added seam integrity. Treated for liquid resistance, they feature extended 4-inch cowhide gauntlet cuffs for wrist and forearm protection against sparks and heat.

  • Endura® 365DLXFTL

    Product ID: 365DLXFTL

    Extended cuff lineman gloves with lining that keep hands warm down to -10°C / 14°F

    Our Endura® 365DLXFTL gloves feature lining for cold protection along with 6-inch cuffs with hi-viz bands for visibility and added protection. The Thinsulate™ lining keeps hands warm in cold temperatures down to -10°C / 14°F.

  • Endura® 365DLX6

    Product ID: 365DLX6

    Lineman gloves with extended hi-viz cuffs

    Our Endura® 365DLX6 lineman gloves feature a hi-viz 6-inch cuff for better visibility. Made from durable horse leather, they feature a double-leather palm patches in high-wear areas to protect against wear and tear and are treated to repel water, oil, and stains.

  • Endura® 335DTIG

    Product ID: 335DTig

    Flexible heat resistant TIG welding gloves for better range of motion and sense of touch

    Our Endura® 335DTIG TIG welding gloves offer heat protection and are designed to provide better range of motion and touch sensitivity. Featuring ANSI 2 heat resistance, the supple deerskin leather offers better dexterity and sense of feel than traditional leather. They’re sewn with ParaActiv™ fiber for added seam integrity and feature extended 4-inch gauntlet cuffs for wrist and forearm protection against sparks and slag.

  • Endura® 378AFL

    Product ID: 378AFL

    Economical choice durable leather gloves for general use warmth down to -5°C / 23°F

    Our Endura® 378AFL gloves are an economical choice for all round general use cold protection. Thinsulate™ lining keeps hands warm in cold temperatures down to -5°C / 23°F while cow grain leather offers natural abrasion resistance. Their keystone thumb design helps improve dexterity and durability for a longer wear life.

  • Endura® 378A

    Product ID: 378A

    Durable cowhide gloves for low hazard protection and material handling

    Our Endura® 378A gloves provide durable protection from scuffs and scrapes, making them ideal for material handling, light construction tasks, and low hazard site clean up. The keystone thumb design maximizes durability for a longer wear life while the elasticized wrists offer a snug fit for all day comfort.