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  • Sure Knit™ SLSXB

    Product ID: SLSXB

    Antimicrobial food-safe sleeves with extreme cut protection and blue knit to help detect food contamination

    Our antimicrobial Sure Knit™ SLSXB sleeves offer extreme cut resistance for safe food processing. Treated with an active agent to achieve 99.9% antimicrobial status, the blue TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A8 cut resistance and helps detect food contamination. An attachable clip along with elasticized armbands holds sleeves in place. They are FDA and CFIA-compliant for safe food handling.

  • Superior® SLPD16E

    Product ID: SLPD16E

    Protective sleeves for safe food handling

    Made from 0.68 mils thick polyethylene and featuring heat-sealed elastic openings at the wrist and bicep, these sleeves protect from chemicals, oils, and grease, and are CFIA-compliant for safe food handling. They include a convenient, slip-on/slip-off fit and are available in white; SLPD16E or blue SLPDE16EB, for easy color coding.

  • KeepKleen® RDVPF

    Product ID: RDVPF

    Transparent industrial-grade 4 mil disposable vinyl gloves for dexterity and touch sensitivity

    Our KeepKleen® RDVPF industrial-grade vinyl disposable gloves are silicon-free vinyl for dexterity and sense of touch. 4 mil thickness and rolled cuffs offer greater tear resistance. These gloves are powder-free and CFIA-compliant for safe food handling, making them ideal for the food processing industry.

  • KeepKleen® RDCNPF

    Product ID: RDCNPF

    Blue Industrial-grade 4 mil nitrile disposable gloves for contamination detection, dexterity, and high touch sensitivity

    Our KeepKleen® RDCNPF industrial-grade disposable nitrile gloves offer better dexterity and high touch sensitivity. 4 mil thickness and rolled cuffs offer greater tear resistance. Powder-free and CFIA-compliant for safe food handling, plus the blue color helps detect food contaminants. Ideal for food processing.

  • KeepKleen® RD8NPF

    Product ID: RD8NPF

    Thicker industrial grade blue disposable gloves

    Our KeepKleen® RD8NPF industrial grade food safe disposable gloves are made with thicker nitrile for better durability and tear resistance. Ambidextrous and powder-free, they contain no natural rubber latex that may cause allergies.

  • Chemstop™ LF3020

    Product ID: LF3020

    Economical latex water protection for equipment maintenance in food processing

    Our Chemstop™ LF3020 food safe gloves feature extended forearm protection for equipment maintenance in food processing. These 18-mil thick gloves feature a latex shell to protect against a wide range of chemicals and synthetic solvents, plus feature embossed palms for steady grip. Their 12-inch length provides extra forearm coverage. They are CFIA-compliant for safe food handling.

  • Superior® MMG

    Product ID: MMG

    Metal chainmail food-safe gloves with maximum cut resistance

    Our food-safe Superior® MMG chainmail gloves offers maximum cut protection for food handling. Seamless stainless-steel chainmail is corrosion resistant and provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A9 cut resistance. The gloves feature rubberized anti-bacterial wrist closures for a comfortable fit that prevent fats and oils from seaping in. Wear over food-safe gloves for maximum comfort and protection.

  • KeepKleen® BOOTPD18

    Product ID: BOOTPD18

    Extended coverage single-use boot covers that guard against contamination

    These single-use boot covers are made from water-resistant polyethylene to protect feet and floors from contamination. Their extra-long, 18″ height provides a wide amount of coverage, and elasticized tops ensure they stay in place through wear and tear.

  • Superior® A8BV4835

    Product ID: A8BV4835

    Easy-cleaning apron that is food safe and resists chemicals, detergents, and oils

    Our Superior® A8BV4835 food safe vinyl apron is easy to clean and offers resistance to chemicals, oils, detergents, and fats. Its reinforced grommets enhance durability, and the plain edges allow easy cleaning. CFIA-compliant for safe food handling and offers a secure fit with fasteners around the neck and back to hold the apron in place.

  • Sure Knit™ SQ

    Product ID: SQ

    General use knit made with biodegradable and recycled materials for food processing and maintenance tasks

    Our Sure Grip® SQ general use gloves are made with biodegrable and recycled materials for food processing and general maintenance tasks. Their cotton / polyester blend provides cool and comfortable all-day wear and they’re CFIA-compliant for safe food handling.

  • KeepKleen® PD

    Product ID: PD

    Food safe loose fit polyethylene disposable gloves

    Our KeepKleen® PD disposable gloves are latex-free for food handling and to prevent allergic reactions. FDA and CFIA compliant for safe food handling, they feature an embossed pattern to improve grip. These polyethylene disposable gloves feature a loose fit for easy donning and removal.