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  • Endura® 378GOTXVB

    Product ID: 378GOTXVB

    Premium leather with liquid resistance that protects against cuts and impact

    Our Endura® 378GOTXVB gloves are liquid resistant and feature TenActiv™ engineered yarn liners to provide 360° cut protection with ANSI A6 cut resistance. These gloves are unpadded for a better sense of touch and wider range of motion, making them ideal for maintenance work or climbing ladders and gripping handrails in oil and gas. The reinforced back-of-hand bumpers protect against knocks and bumps without inhibiting freedom of movement.

  • Endura® 361GTXLVB

    Product ID: 361GTXLVB

    Cold-rated winter mitt with impact protection and extreme cut resistance

    Our Endura® 361GTXLVB mitts feature back of hand impact resistance to protect hands against knocks and bumps and are cold-rated for temperatures down to -20°C / -4°F. Leather is treated to resist liquids while the TenActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A8 cut resistance. Finger slots in the mitt help reduce hand fatigue when handling material.

  • Endura® 378TXTVB

    Product ID: 378TXTVB

    Winter gloves with high cut resistance, cushioned palms for material handling, and warmth down to -25°C / -13°F

    Our Endura® 378TXTVB gloves include reinforced back-of-hand protection and a TenActiv™ liner for high, ANSI A6 cut resistance with 360° cut protection. These water / oil-resistant driver style gloves feature a padded palm that helps dull vibrations and cushions hands when handling heavy parts, while the comfortable liner keeps hands warm down to -25°C / -13°F.

  • Endura® 378GTXVBE

    Product ID: 378GTXVBE

    Economic choice leather driver gloves with cut and impact protection plus unpadded palms for better hand motion

    Our Endura® 378GTXVBE leather driver gloves are an economical choice for protection against cut and impact hazards. TenActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance plus back-of-hand ANSI 2 impact protection guards against knocks and bumps. Unpadded palms offer a better sense of feel and firmer grip when performing tasks.

  • Endura® 378TXTVBG

    Product ID: 378TXTVBG

    Winter gloves with multi-hazard protection for handling heavy materials and operating tools

    Our multi-feature Endura® 378TXTVBG gloves combine 360° cut protection, impact resistance, and vibration-dampening palms with the warmth of Thinsulate™ to keep hands safe while fighting cold temperatures down to -25°C / -13°F. We’ve also added gauntlet cuffs for wrist and forearm protection. Designed for the oil and gas industry, these gloves provide multi-hazard protection that is ideal for handling heavy parts and materials and for operating tools.

  • Endura® 378KGVB

    Product ID: 378KGVB

    Medium-duty impact-resistant leather gloves with 360° cut protection

    These medium-duty impact-resistant gloves feature a lining made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, adding 360° cut resistance with ANSI Level A4 cut protection inside their durable leather shell. In addition, their non-padded palms provide more dexterity and tactility for everyday work where vibration hazards are not a concern.

  • Endura® 378GKGVB

    Product ID: 378GKGVB

    Multi-hazard protection with liquid and water resistance for heavy machine operation and maintenance

    Our Endura® 378GKGVB goatskin gloves provide multi-hazard protection for heavy machine operation and maintenance, where resistance to liquids is a must. Made with material designed to resist flame, they are arc flash-rated level 3 with an ATPV of 33 cal / cm², offer ANSI 5 heat resistance, and feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance. Treated to resist water and liquids, they feature impact protection against knocks and bumps and padded palms for comfort when material handling.