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  • Endura® 378GOBTX

    Product ID: 378GOBTX

    Maximum cut-resistant leather with liquid resistance and safety cuffs for range of motion

    Our Endura® 378GOBTX leather gloves feature maximum protection from cut hazards and short safety cuffs for freedom of wrist movement. Ideal for working in high cut hazard conditions where liquid resistance is needed, their TenActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A9 cut resistance and the leather is treated to resist water and liquids.

  • TenActiv™ S21TAXGPN

    Product ID: S21TAXGPN

    Hi-viz cut protection for hand movement and light material handling of oily parts

    Our TenActiv™ S21TAXGPN gloves are cut resistant and ultra-thin for tasks that require better hand motion and grip when handling greasy material. Ideal for light material handling, assembly, and construction work, their hi-viz color increases visibility while a micropore nitrile palm coating offers steady grip in wet or oily conditions.

  • TenActiv™ KTAH1T

    Product ID: KTAH1T

    Hi-viz safety sleeve made with comfortable, non-irritating and cut-resistant material

    Our TenActiv™ KTAH1T safety sleeves are designed for comfort with a hi-viz green color, providing increased visibility. The comfortable no-irritation design incorporates soft, breathable, and irritant-free material for all-day comfort that is cool-to-the-touch. The TenActiv™ engineered yarn offers 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance while remaining flexible for better range of motion. The sleeve features an elastic grip at the bicep and a tapered fit, ensuring it remains securely in place. Available sizes: 18″ with thumbholes; KTAH1T18TH or without; #KTAH1T18 / 22″ with thumbholes; KTAH1T22TH or without; #KTAH1T22

  • TenActiv™ S18TXLX

    Product ID: S18TXLX

    Maximum cut protection and dexterity for abrasive material and glass handling

    Our green hi-viz TenActiv™ S18TXLX gloves are made from advanced TenActiv™ engineered yarn that is cool to the touch and provides extreme cut protection, durability, and dexterity when handling abrasive material and glass. They feature 360° cut protection with maximum ANSI A9 cut resistance while micropore latex palms offer dry grip.

  • TenActiv™ S21TAXGFN

    Product ID: S21TAXGFN

    Hi-viz cut protection with high dexterity for light material handling

    Our TenActiv™ S21TAXGFN gloves are cut resistant and ultra-thin for tasks that require improved hand movement and protection from cut hazards. Ideal for light material handling, assembly, and construction work, their hi-viz color increases visibility while a foam nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip.

  • TenActiv™ S18TAXPUE

    Product ID: S18TAXPUE

    Economy choice for extreme cut protection and dexterity with polyurethane palm coating for better dry grip

    These economy choice 18-gauge knit gloves are made from TenActiv™ engineered yarn to provide 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A7 cut resistance. They feature a polyurethane palm coating that offers dry grip with a bare hand feel for tasks that require dexterity and hand motion where cut hazards are present.

  • Endura® 378GTX

    Product ID: 378GTX

    Cut resistance with patented palm strips for enhanced grip and comfort plus breathable hi-viz orange back

    Our Endura® 378GTX hi-viz orange gloves protect against cut hazards plus feature patented palm strips for enhanced grip and comfort. They feature leather palms and strategically placed palm strips for an enhanced grip that reduces bunching. TenActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with high ANSI A6 cut resistance. Hi-viz orange back-of-hand material offers improved flexibility and comfort while offering hand placement awareness and worker visibility on the job. Ideal for outdoor tasks that requires comfort in warm environments and where high visibility is needed.

  • Endura® 399GKGL5L

    Product ID: 399GKGL5L

    All-round fabrication and MIG welding glove with arc flash protection designed for women’s hands

    Our Endura® 399GKGL5L MIG welding gloves are ideal for MIG welding and all-round fabrication use and designed for women’s hands for a more secure and comfortable fit. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection. They are arc flash-rated level 3 with an ATPV of 36 cal / cm². Abrasion resistant goatskin leather and durable keystone thumbs optimize these MIG welding gloves for the long haul, while 6-inch gauntlet cuffs provide extra coverage where heat hazard exists.

  • TenActiv™ STXPNRVB

    Product ID: STXPNRVB

    Hi-viz gloves with extreme cut protection and impact resistance for high hazard environments

    Our TenActiv™ STXPNRVB feature both a TenActiv™ engineered yarn knit for extreme cut resistance and back-of-hand impact protection against knocks and bumps. Designed to perform in any environment that presents a high level of cut and impact hazards, they also feature a hi-viz color for visibility and worker hand placement while micropore nitrile palms offer a steady wet grip.

  • Endura® 399OBGKG5

    Product ID: 399OBGKG5

    Extended gauntlet metal fabrication driver gloves with water and oil resistance

    Our Endura® 399OBGKG5 drivers gloves use durable goatskin treated with Oilbloc™ to resist oil and water. An all-round metal fabrication shop glove, it features wing thumbs to provide extra durability while 6″ gauntlet cuffs ensure added arm protection. The lining is cut-and-sewn for a comfortable fit that won’t bunch and is made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for 360° cut protection with ANSI Level A4 cut resistance.

  • Superior® GOG14

    Product ID: GOG14

    Anti-fog safety goggles that protect eyes from debris and splashes

    Our Superior® GOG14 safety goggles are designed to keep eyes safe from common injury hazards. The indirect vents prevent these goggles from fogging while protecting eyes against splashes, debris, and other irritants. The goggles fit over most glasses, featuring a thermoplastic rubber frame that conforms to facial contours for a comfortable fit and panoramic anti-scratch lenses for unobstructed vision.

  • Superior® SNF

    Product ID: SNF

    Glove liner for adding incidental cut protection and warmth

    Our Superior® SNF gloves protect hands against minor scrapes and cold. Polyester knit provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A2 cut resistance and insulation to keep hands warm and comfortable. Can be worn on their own or as a liner under other safety gloves for extra warmth that protects against incidental cuts.