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  • Endura® 398GDP

    Product ID: 398GDP

    Heat-resistant split leather gloves with layered grain leather palms for longer wear life and liquid resistance

    Our Endura® 398GDP split leather gloves protect workers’ hands against heat hazards and feature a double-layered grain leather palms for added durability. The grain leather palms are stitched with ParaActiv™ fiber throughout the plam to adhere better to split leather which improves integrity. These gloves provide ANSI 3 heat resistance and the goatskin grain palms offers natural abrasion and comfort that resists water and liquids.

  • Endura® 505KGWS

    Product ID: 505KGWS

    Heat-resistant stick welding gloves with cut protection plus extended gauntlet cuffs for material handling

    Our Endura® 505KGWS stick welding gloves offer heat and cut protection, plus extended gauntlet cuffs guards against both welding hazards and sharp edges when material handling. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance and ANSI 2 heat protection. Sewing thread is also made with ParaActiv™ engineered fiber for added seam integrity. They feature reinforced thumb patches for extra durability, plus extended gauntlet cuffs provide forearm protection against sparks, heat, and abrasion.

  • Endura® 375GKGVB

    Product ID: 375GKGVB

    Cut and impact protection treated to resist liquids plus gauntlet cuffs for added forearm protection

    Our cut-resistant Endura® 375GKGVB gloves protect against impact hazards and are treated to resist liquids, plus their extended 6-inch cuffs provide forearm protection. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner offers 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance while back-of-hand bumpers provide ANSI 2 impact protection against knocks and bumps. Treated to resist water and liquids, these gloves feature padded palms for comfort when material handling.

  • Endura® 370GFKL

    Product ID: 370GFKL

    MIG welding gloves with fine touch sensitivity

    Our Endura® 370GFKL goatskin MIG welding gloves balance cut and heat protection with touch sensitivity. These gloves feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with low ANSI cut A2 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection and spark resistance while extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection.

  • Endura® 370CTIG

    Product ID: 370CTIG

    TIG welding gloves with heat protection that balances flexibility and durability

    Our Endura® 370CTIG TIG welding gloves are made from goatskin leather to provide an ideal balance between durability and hand motion that protect against sparks and heat. They provide ANSI 2 heat resistance and feature ParaActiv™ thread for added seam integrity and durability. Extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection against heat and sparks.

  • Clutch Gear® MXGCETFL

    Product ID: MXGCETFL

    Here's how you handle the cold stuff - our Winter-lined Goatskin Mechanics Glove

    Superior Glove was founded in Canada, so of course we know winter. Designed for harsh cold climates, these gloves feature a goatskin leather palm with split leather patches and thumb crotch for durability and excellent abrasion resistance. Thin, light, and warm C100 Thinsulate™ insulation helps our gloves achieve a -20C/-4F rating.

  • KeepKleen® BOOTPD18

    Product ID: BOOTPD18

    Extended coverage single-use boot covers that guard against contamination

    These single-use boot covers are made from water-resistant polyethylene to protect feet and floors from contamination. Their extra-long, 18″ height provides a wide amount of coverage, and elasticized tops ensure they stay in place through wear and tear.

  • Endura® 365DLXTKG

    Product ID: 365DLXTKG

    Cut-resistant extended cuff lineman gloves that keep hands warm down to -15°C / 5°F

    Our Endura® 365DLXTKG gloves offer cold protection and cut resistance along with 6-inch cuffs for added wrist protection. The ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance along with hi-viz bands on cuffs for visibility. The Thinsulate™ lining keeps hands warm in cold temperatures down to -15°C / 5°F.