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Success Stories and Testimonials

"The Bottom Line - the Superior Gloves wear much better and last longer than the other types we tried and used in the past. No incidents and no reportables since these gloves have been on our hands!"

– Joseph M., Safety Manager, Rockwood Mfg Co

"The confidence that I have when I give out this glove makes you a little bit happier. It makes you more at peace with yourself. You know you’re issuing a good product to your workers. It’s good stuff."

– Rafael B., Purchaser, Vitrum Industries

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Glove Audit Program
A recommendation program designed with you in mind.

Contact Superior Glove today to set up your customized glove audit. “Good enough” really isn’t good enough.

After a comprehensive glove audit, you will be equipped with the proper recommendations to guard against any particular hazards to which you might be exposed.

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Industry & Occupation Gloves