Building a more

sustainable future

Reusing and reducing to minimize waste


We’re developing products, packaging, manufacturing processes, and partnerships that minimize our impact on the environment for a more sustainable future

Recycled Materials

We are working to incorporate recycled material in our products. Current recycled materials used include recycled polyester.

Biodegradable Materials

  • Natural materials: we’re using more naturally biodegradable materials such as untreated cotton and wool
  • Palm coating: we offer a selection of gloves with biodegradable palm coating
  • Disposables: we offer a selection of disposable products that are biodegradable
  • Other components: we are exploring other biodegradable treated materials to incorporate in our products


We are transitioning to packaging that minimizes our environmental impact

  • Using recycled and recyclable materials
  • Displacing plastic with biodegradable and recycled options
  • Reducing ink on printed items
  • Minimizing plastic packaging
  • Using less material

Vertically Integrated Production

We are working to increase our vertical integration to shorten supply chain transit and reduce our environmental impact

Extending Product Lifecycles

We’re developing programs with customers and other partners to extend product wear life to minimize waste

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