We make a difference

How we support our communities and the environment

We are committed to our communities and the environment. Through our operations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Honduras, we lead and support local initiatives in childhood development, education, and social and environmental sustainability. We’ve created this page to help you understand what our commitment means.


How we help our local communities in Canada, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States

Company Programs
We operate our own community initiatives to support our extended Superior Glove family. This includes programs such as our children’s English camp in Villanueva, Honduras. Scroll down to see a video about this program.
We encourage our work family to give their time to our local communities. In addition to promoting company-sponsored volunteer events, we support employee-initiated volunteering.
We sponsor programs that support strong communities through childhood development, education, and sustainability initiatives

Programs we sponsor

  • Education programs
  • Charitable events
  • Local sports teams
  • Community parks
  • Youth organizations

Disaster Relief
When disasters strike our communities, we look for opportunities to provide meaningful donations, critical supplies, and volunteers to aid recovery.

Children’s English School in Honduras

In 2023, we launched a children’s English camp in Villanueva, Honduras. This program focuses on teaching English to our employees’ children and other local children who have limited opportunities to learn English in school

Charitable Donation Policy

Superior Glove donates to organizations in the communities where it operates. This includes Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Honduras. We seek to support organizations that strengthen our communities with initiatives in childhood development, education, and social and environmental sustainability. We consider donation requests that meet these criteria, although we receive more requests than we can fulfill.


We are committed to being environmentally conscious in our facilities, communities, and with our products

Our Facilities

In our facilities, we look for opportunities to recycle, reduce, and reuse items that generate waste. We also seek to be more environmentally conscious with energy production and use.

Recycle, reduce, reuse

  • Shared bikes for employee commutes
  • Special recycling for batteries and coffee pods
  • Repurposing program for industrial yarn spools
  • Reusable water bottle system to avoid single-use items

Earth friendly energy

  • Solar panels
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Electric vehicle chargers and purchase rebates
  • Renewable energy heat


  • We partner with local organizations for cleaner and greener communities
  • Planting trees and expanding green spaces
  • Cleaning our neighborhoods


We are working to incorporate more sustainable materials in our packaging and products. This includes using recycled and biodegradable materials.

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