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Glove Sizing

Glove Sizing

Glove fit is crucial in determining its wearability and hazard protection. If the gloves are too small, it can restrict movement of the hands and discourage workers from wearing them. Similarly, loose gloves can slip off at the slightest movement and make handling tasks difficult. In either case, the wearer is exposed to risk of serious injury.

There are two measurements that determine the size of gloves:

  • Distance around your knuckles
  • Overall length of your gloves (palm to fingertips).

And there are ways to identify if your gloves fit poorly:

Overall length of your gloves (palm to fingertips).
Overall finger length—if the finger crotch does not fit to the base of your fingers, or if you have excess material on the fingertips, this indicates you should size up or size down, respectively.

The palm—if the glove’s palm doesn’t cover your palm fully, this indicates that your gloves are too small and you should size up.
Excess material—excess material around your hands or bunching in your palms when you close your hands indicates that the gloves are oversized. This means you should size down.

Measure your hands and refer to the chart below to find your ideal glove size.

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