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  • Dragon™ R800GMM

    Product ID: R800GMM

    Stainless steel mesh mitts for better airflow and layer separation when dealing with extreme heat and cut hazards

    Our Dragon™ R800GMM mitts feature a stainless steel mesh for protection against the most extreme heat and cut hazards. Offering ANSI 5 heat resistance and ANSI A9 cut resistance, these ParaActiv™ mitts feature a stainless steel outer mesh to promote airflow and dissipate heat. The mesh ensures hands remain apart from surfaces while an interior liner adds additional cushioning, making them ideal for handling hot heavy objects that can compress gloves. Extended 7.5-inch gauntlet cuffs provide extra protection to keep wrists and forearms safe.

  • Endura® 365DLX6KG

    Product ID: 365DLX6KG

    Cut-resistant lineman gloves with extended hi-viz cuffs for visibility

    Our Endura® 365DLX6 lineman gloves protect hands from cuts and feature a hi-viz 6-inch cuff for better visibility. Made from durable horse leather, they feature a double-leather palm patches in high-wear areas and a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner that offers 360° cut protection with moderate ANSI A4 cut resistance. These gloves are treated to repel water, liquids, and stains.

  • Chemstop™ S15KGVNFL

    Product ID: S15KGVNFL

    Hi-viz orange chemical resistance with cut protection that keep hands warm down to -5°C / 23°F

    Our Chemstop™ S15KGVNFL orange hi-viz PVC gloves are chemical resistant and feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with ANSI A6 cut resistance. Their fleece lining ensures that hands stay warm in temperatures down to -5°C / 23°F while a nitrile hand coating offers steady wet grip.

  • Endura® 399GCXL5

    Product ID: 399GCXL5

    All-round fabrication gloves with maximum cut protection for material handling

    Our Endura® 399GCXL5 FR gloves offer maximum cut protection, making them ideal for material handling where cut hazards are present. These all-round fabrication gloves are made with material designed to resist flame and feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner for 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A9 cut resistance and ANSI 2 heat protection. Extended gauntlet cuffs provide extra wrist protection.

  • Endura® 399GKGTL5

    Product ID: 399GKGTL5

    Moderate cut protection with extended gauntlet cuffs and protection from cold down to -20°C / -4°F

    Our Endura® 399GKGTL5 gloves feature a ParaActiv™ liner that provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance. They keep hands warm in temperatures down to -20°C / -4°F, and their 6″ gauntlet cuffs provide additional protection to wrists and forearms. Designed to conform to hands for a closer fit and more dexterity.

  • Endura® 399SC4

    Product ID: 399SC4

    Durable general use leather gloves with gauntlet cuffs for wrist protection

    Our Endura® 399SC4 gloves are made from tough cowskin for durability and a longer wear life. Ideal for general labor or other low hazard tasks, they feature extended gauntlet cuffs for wrist safety and for easier donning or glove removal.

  • Endura® 399GKGL5L

    Product ID: 399GKGL5L

    All-round fabrication and MIG welding glove with arc flash protection designed for women’s hands

    Our Endura® 399GKGL5L MIG welding gloves are ideal for MIG welding and all-round fabrication use and designed for women’s hands for a more secure and comfortable fit. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection. They are arc flash-rated level 3 with an ATPV of 36 cal / cm². Abrasion resistant goatskin leather and durable keystone thumbs optimize these MIG welding gloves for the long haul, while 6-inch gauntlet cuffs provide extra coverage where heat hazard exists.

  • Chemstop™ S18V30NT

    Product ID: S18V30NT

    Chemical resistant PVC gloves with nitrile palm coating for wet grip

    Our Chemstop™ S18V30NT gloves are designed with a green PVC shell to guard against chemicals, adhesives, and other solvents. Gauntlet cuffs add extra protection to the forearms and a flat nitrile palm coating adds durability and offers wet grip. With an ergonomic design, these gloves provide a high level of comfort and dexterity for all day wear, making them ideal for working in environments where grip is needed with the risk of chemical exposure.

  • Endura® 398KGLBGL

    Product ID: 398KGLBGL

    MIG welding gloves designed for women's hands for better fit and protection from material handling hazards

    Our Endura® 398KGLBG MIG welding gloves are designed to protect against heat and cuts and are fitted for women’s hands. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance while back-of-hand fleece lining offers ANSI 2 heat protection. Dark coloring hides dirt and stains for a longer wear life plus extended 6-inch cuffs offer added wrist and forearm protection. Padded palm patches offer further comfort when material handling.

  • Endura® 685BFI

    Product ID: 685BFI

    Aluminized gloves for long sessions of stick welding

    Our Endura® 685BFI gloves feature reflective foam lining that protects against radiant heat and sparks with ANSI 4 heat protection. They allow hands to stay at comfortable temperatures during extended periods of stick welding or for work in foundries.

  • Endura® 361DLX6

    Product ID: 361DLX6

    Lineman mitts with extended hi-viz cuffs

    Our Endura® 361DLX6 lineman mitts feature hi-viz 6-inch cuffs with retroreflective tape for better visibility. Made from durable leather, they feature double-leather palm patches in high-wear areas to protect against wear and tear.

  • Endura® 375KGVB

    Product ID: 375KGVB

    Moderate cut resistance and impact protection with unpadded palms for better grip and feel

    Our Endura® 375KGVB protect against cut hazards and are unpadded for better grip and sense of feel. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance and incidental heat protection. Back-of-hand ANSI 2 impact resistance protects against knocks and bumps. The goatskin leather helps improve dexterity and durability for a longer wear life and has been treated to resist water and liquids.