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  • Endura® 685BFI

    Product ID: 685BFI

    Aluminized gloves for long sessions of stick welding

    Our Endura® 685BFI gloves feature reflective foam lining that protects against radiant heat and sparks with ANSI 4 heat protection. They allow hands to stay at comfortable temperatures during extended periods of stick welding or for work in foundries.

  • Endura® 505ALB

    Product ID: 505ALB

    Aluminized gloves for radiant heat and spark protection during long sessions of stick welding

    Our Endura® 505ALB welding gloves feature back-of-hand aluminized layer for long sessions of stick welding or other tasks that require radiant heat protection against molten materials. Sewn with ParaActiv™ fiber for added seam integrity, the back-of-hand is treated with an aluminum layer to reflect away radiant heat, ultraviolet light, molten metal, sparks, and slag. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with moderate ANSI A4 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection.

  • Endura® 399OBGKG5

    Product ID: 399OBGKG5

    Extended gauntlet metal fabrication driver gloves with water and oil resistance

    Our Endura® 399OBGKG5 drivers gloves use durable goatskin treated with Oilbloc™ to resist oil and water. An all-round metal fabrication shop glove, it features wing thumbs to provide extra durability while 6″ gauntlet cuffs ensure added arm protection. The lining is cut-and-sewn for a comfortable fit that won’t bunch and is made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for 360° cut protection with ANSI Level A4 cut resistance.

  • TenActiv™ STXWPNVB

    Product ID: STXWPNVB

    Water and wind protection with laminated anti-slip layers for better dexterity plus cut and impact protection

    Our waterproof and windproof TenActiv™ STXWPNVB gloves protect skin from harsh environments while remaining breathable. The unique membrane lamination prevents layers from slipping to provide a comfortable fit and a reliable grip. TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A6 cut resistance plus back-of-hand bumpers provide ANSI 2 impact protection. Micropore nitrile palm coating offers steady wet grip, while the reinforced thumb crotch offers longevity and protection against wear and tear.

  • Endura® 378GCXVB

    Product ID: 378GCXVB

    Maximum cut-resistant driver gloves with impact protection plus unpadded palms for better hand motion

    Our Endura® 378GCXVB gloves offer maximum cut resistance along with impact protection. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut resistance with extreme ANSI A9 cut protection plus back-of-hand ANSI 2 impact resistance for protection against knocks and bumps. Treated to resist water and liquids plus unpadded palms for an enhanced sense of feel and better grip.

  • Contender™ KBKB1T

    Product ID: KBKB1T

    Heat-resistant sleeves with cut protection made with material that resists sparks and melting

    Our cut-resistant Contender™ KBKB1T FR sleeves offer heat protection and are made with material designed to resist flame. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance, ANSI 2 heat resistance, and passes the ASTM D6413 vertical flame resistance test for protection against sparks and slag. Tapered sleeves with elasticized biceps and thumbholes secure sleeves and ensure a snug fit.

  • TenActiv™ S18TAGGFN

    Product ID: S18TAGGFN

    Silicone-free low-linting hi-viz green gloves with cut protection for hand placement and worker visibility

    Our hi-viz green TenActiv™ S18TAGGFN gloves are silicone low-linting, offering cut protection plus worker visibility and hand placement. Made from static dissipative TenActiv™ engineered yarn to protect microelectronics, they provide 360° cut protection with moderate ANSI A4 cut resistance. Their foam nitrile palms are non-marring and offer a steady wet grip. The ultra-thin construction improves hand movement while providing a bare hand feel. They also feature a hi-viz green shell for better hand placement and worker visibility.

  • Chemstop™ S15KGV30N

    Product ID: S15KGV30N

    Chemical gloves with cut protection and nitrile coating for better wet grip

    Our Chemstop™ S15KGV30N gloves offer reliable protection from cut hazards and chemical exposure. Red PVC coating guards against chemicals and solvents while a black nitrile full hand coating resists oil, ensuring a steady wet grip. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner that provides 360° cut protection with high ANSI A5 cut resistance and ANSI 2 heat protection.

  • Dexterity® S13KFGFNT

    Product ID: S13KFGFNT

    Cut resistant with reinforced thumb crotch for durability plus touchscreen compatible palms for steady wet grip

    Our Dexterity® S13KFGFNT gloves provide cut resistance with a reinforced thumb crotch for added durability plus grip in wet conditions. ParaActiv™ engineered material provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance while the foam nitrile palm coating offers a steady wet grip. Reinforced thumb crotch improves durability and protects against wear and tear. Touchscreen compatibility allows to seamlessly move between tasks.

  • Cool Grip® SKPX/PSS

    Product ID: SKPX/PSS

    Maximum heat protection with moderate cut resistance and strategic silicone-striped palms for hot parts handling

    Our Cool Grip® SKPX/PSS gloves offer moderate cut resistance and maximum heat protection with silicone stripes on the palm for grip and comfort when handling hot parts. Made with ParaActiv™ engineered yarn, they provide 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance and maximum ANSI 5 heat protection. Strategically placed silicone palm stripes increase grip and allow air channeling for better heat resistance.

  • Endura® 378CXGOB

    Product ID: 378CXGOB

    Maximum cut-resistant leather for extreme cut hazards plus heat protection and liquid resistance

    Our Endura® 378CXGOB leather gloves offer heat resistance and maximum protection against cut hazards. ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner provides 360° cut protection with extreme ANSI A9 cut resistance and ANSI 3 heat protection. Treated to resist water and liquids.

  • Endura® 378GKGVB

    Product ID: 378GKGVB

    Multi-hazard protection with liquid and water resistance for heavy machine operation and maintenance

    Our Endura® 378GKGVB goatskin gloves provide multi-hazard protection for heavy machine operation and maintenance, where resistance to liquids is a must. Made with material designed to resist flame, they are arc flash-rated level 3 with an ATPV of 33 cal / cm², offer ANSI 5 heat resistance, and feature a ParaActiv™ engineered yarn liner to provide 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance. Treated to resist water and liquids, they feature impact protection against knocks and bumps and padded palms for comfort when material handling.

  • Emerald CX® SCXLX

    Product ID: SCXLX

    The ultimate in cut and abrasion resistance combined with a strong grip

    A latex palm coating provides these gloves with an excellent dry grip, while a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, Wire-Core™ steel and polyester ensures ANSI Level A5 cut protection. For added safety, these gloves also provide ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistance and ANSI Level 3 puncture resistance.