• TenActiv™ STAGLXPB

    Product ID: STAGLXPB

    Maximum hypodermic puncture resistant palms and cut resistance for needlestick protection

    Our TenActiv™ STAGLXPB gloves offer maximum hypodermic puncture protection from needlesticks and maximum cut resistance. Their palm lining provides both maximum ANSI Level 5 hypodermic puncture protection and ANSI A9 cut resistance, making them ideal for materials recovery and recycling industries. TenActiv™ engineered yarn provides 360° cut protection with ANSI A5 cut resistance for the back of hand. Latex palm coating offers excellent dry grip.

  • Endura® 398OBPB

    Product ID: 398OBPB

    MIG welding gloves with zoned hypodermic protection on thumb and index finger to guard against tungsten welding wire injuries

    Our Endura® 398OBPB MIG welding gloves feature double-layered maximum ANSI 5 hypodermic puncture protection on the thumb and index finger on the off-hand to guard against common welding wire injuries. The off-hand glove also features a single-layer palm liner for additional ANSI 3 hypodermic puncture protection. Both off-hand and tool-hand gloves are lined with ParaActiv™ engineered yarn for 360° cut protection with ANSI A4 cut resistance and ANSI 4 heat protection. Sewn with ParaActiv™ thread for added seam integrity and treated to resist water and liquids, these gloves feature padded palms and cuffs for comfort and protection when welding. Sold in left-handed (398OBPBLH) and right-handed (398OBPBRH) off-hand versions.

  • Clutch Gear® MXHVPB

    Product ID: MXHVPB

    Hypodermic puncture resistance for palm protection against needlestick hazards

    Palms and fingers lined with Punkban™ combined with a material woven with ParaActiv™ engineered yarn provide these mechanic gloves with ANSI Level 4 hypodermic puncture resistance. They also include ANSI Level A3 cut protection. Hi-viz lime-green backs provide enhanced visibility, and Sure Grip® palm patches reduce the risk of slippage. Their elasticized cuffs guarantee a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Dexterity® S10LXPB

    Product ID: S10LXPB

    Superior puncture resistance with a strong, steady grip

    Hypodermic needles are no match for these 10-gauge cotton polyester knit gloves, which feature Punkban™ protection at the palms and fingers for ANSI Level 5 puncture resistance. They are also ANSI Level 5 cut resistant. A latex coating ensures a steady grip in wet or dry conditions, and the lightweight properties of Punkban™ make these gloves highly dexterous, flexible and comfortable.

  • Clutch Gear® MXVSBPB

    Product ID: MXVSBPB

    Hypodermic puncture resistance plus protection from cut and impact hazards

    Our hi-viz Clutch Gear® MXVSBPB mechanics style gloves protect against hypodermic punctures as well as cut and impact hazards. Palm lining provides ANSI 2 hypodermic puncture protection and ANSI A4 cut resistance from needlestick hazards. Hi-viz back-of-hand ANSI 1 impact protection guards against knocks and bumps and offers worker visibility. Palm and fingertip patches add durability and grip, while the reinforced thumb crotch improves overall lifespan and protects against wear and tear.